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August 25, 2010
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Freaks by RasUmbrosus Freaks by RasUmbrosus
This is my half of the very long overdue trade with :iconneinbock: And with long – I mean really really long. Whoaa painting this was a lot of fun, it started out just with these two standing and then I got carried away with all the details ;D I worked on and off on this from last year, therefore can’t tell how much time I spent on this, one I know for sure – veeery long…
The idea is half based on a conversation we had once with Sarina, about our love to the high detailed face shots that you can see in cartoons.
The Cibex should become some kind of a flea circus tamer with all the sweet creatures she has. Also I started working on this while I was ill as hell, that’s why RRs face looks like she’s been hit by a truck or sumthing like that. I think these two will be hangin out on some old deserted building and than go clubbin’ and relax to some reggae.
Hope ya enjoy! the artist should go and drown himself in a lake now plz

Icky flea circus Cib0rx is © to :iconneinbock:
Roadkill acneface aRaRse is © to :iconrasumbrosus: aka me
2009-finished in january 2010

EDIT: Holy crap! I got a DD for this AGAIN. Didn't thought it would be possible there. But yeah, thank you Ray n Kovo and thanks to everyone who came by :>
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Daily Deviation

Given 2012-04-24
Freaks by ~RasUmbrosus. Mindblowing combination of hilarious cartoony style and solid colouring, amazing attention to the details. ( Suggested by RayEtherna and Featured by KovoWolf )
ArceliaDiaz Featured By Owner May 10, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Oh my god that detail.
joeyv7 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2012
Awesome work, congrats on the DD. I love the RatFink influence.
AndytheLemon Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012
oh wow, this is awesome! I love your style. Those details!
Gago-sama Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool :D
isabeljoanvalentine Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012  Student General Artist
This somehow intrigues me and grosses me out at the same time. :XD:

Vibrant and complex with a definite sense of character... I love it!
robx2 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012
BILL and TED do acid and look in the mirror!! lol fantastic work!! love it!!
harrythechimp Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012  Student General Artist
dude, i fuckin love this.
Meriale46 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is very cool..
Anastas2002 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012
This is sufficiently strange enough to add to my favorites. Beavis and Butthead meets Big Daddy Roth in dragon chick form!
Papposilenos Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012
Wow! A DD that is actually interesting and worthy of being described as talented. Congratulations!
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